Just between us - Brenda O'Farrell

Now is the time for the silent majority in Hudson to show their support

For almost a year, Quebec’s anti-corruption squad has been combing through files from Hudson town hall and interviewing municipal officials as it investigates allegations of crime and collusion. It is expected the results of this probe – along with an in-depth audit of the town’s water and sewer infrastructure project – will soon be revealed....
Just between us - Brenda O'Farrell

So what do you think we should call the new hospital?

With Monday’s election out of the way and Pauline Marois’ PQ government in the past, it’s time to move bolding ahead with plans to build the much-needed hospital in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area. The Parti Québécois effectively stalled the project during its last 18 months in office, while at the same time promising to build hospitals...