Greg Duncan


Perilous parking

Drivers are madly backing up, turning in, speeding across, and ignoring the rules of the road around here lately.  I’m not talking about on our main roads, but in those perilous commercial parking lots that we frequent all too often.

Have you noticed that parking lots incite a certain driving abandon when it comes to courtesy and respect for other drivers? A rapidly growing Off-Island population has warranted more commercial shopping centres in the area and has confirmed that if they build it, they will come. I find it curious that these parking lots are rarely if ever, patrolled by the police. I’m not promoting the idea, but there is serious vehicular danger going on here. Recently on a very dark afternoon, I witnessed not one, but two cars racing across the lot diagonally at break-neck speed headed straight for each other. They narrowly missed having a full head-on collision and barely missed hitting a few pedestrians headed to their cars, too. Perhaps they were in need of a coffee fix from one of our many national java outlets. Hey, when you need coffee, you need coffee. I get it.

Could it be that a proliferation of caffeine providers and their strategic locations in these parking lots are increasing the chances of fender benders?

Have you ever noticed that entrance and exit routes in these lots are often backed up on to main roads because of a drive-through?

Look folks, it’s the holiday and shopping season and winter darkness comes early in the afternoon so I will promise to be more careful while navigating these parking lots if you will, too. I know that you need to buy that last-minute gift for little Johnny or pick up that Cabernet for Friday dinner, but let’s all do each other a favour and slow down and exercise some driving caution. Santa would approve, me thinks.

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