Greg Duncan


I miss my exit off Highway 40

Another year has come and gone and all I can say is plus ça change, plus c’est pareil in terms of no access to our island via a closed exit on Highway 40 west. You know, the one that leads to Anciens-Combattants Blvd. at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and then on down leading to the access to the Galipeault Bridge to Ile-Perrot.

How can it possibly take almost two years to sort out the differences between the MTQ and the municipality of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue to find a solution anyway?

The current impasse situation is absolutely ludicrous. In the meantime drivers incur extra fuel costs and risk added danger by negotiating a supposed temporary solution that detours them a kilometre or two past the old blocked exit and then off and under a crazy reverse turn – around under the highway only to merge back onto it going east for a few hundred yards and then off again at the place you wanted to get to originally. Whew. It’s increasingly maddening and equally mad, I say. Just try maneouvring this maze in a snowstorm with snowplows on all sides and see what happens.

Both Ste-Anne and Transport Quebec have been at odds over who should pay for the cost of repairs or replacement to the old overpasses and in December 2011 a feasibility study was to be conducted as to whether a roundabout could be a suitable solution in lieu of replacing the crumbling overpasses in question.

So… when will we see the results of the study, and when will things finally get done? With the PQ cutting $1.5 billion out of the infrastructure budget, what will happen now? Why do taxpayers continue to be so silent?

Detours should be temporary and not permanent. For now, I drive on Highway 20 mostly and when possible and negotiate the other traffic-heavy boulevards that bridge the two highways north and south. So do another 87,000 frustrated drivers each day it seems.


  1. Why dont you just take the Morgan exit? no extra fuel costs, maybe, at most, it will add about 3 miunutes to your drive. home?

    I always say if you dont like it, take the train/bus!

    • By Dorothy M

      Morgan from the 40 to go where ? The industrial Park ? You obviously don’t live on the island of Ile Perrot. You try figuring out public transport from Blvd Don Quichotte to Fairview Pointe Claire – I think you will get Gregs point of view.
      Greg, the Province of Quebec is disgusting when it comes to any infrastructure repair or innovation. If you’ve ever lived in any other Canadian Province, you would see HOW miserable this actually is.

      • By Greg Duncan

        I agree with you Dorothy. Eric’s comment about The Morgan suggestion does not work well and one will get lost in the maze of the industrial park. Tried it, I know. Also, the suggestion to take the train or bus for simple trips to the west island or elsewhere relies on schedules that simply do not accommodate for many. The train station in Ile Perrot is another story and will be a blog topic here soon. What a disaster!

  2. They did do some paving and looked like they were in the process of finishing it, but suddenly they stopped once again and it hasn’t been touched since December 2012. To the comment above, tax paying Quebec citizens should be able to have access to roads and quick and safe access home, Plus because that highway exit is closed it causes people to quickly have to get off causing several accidents at the Morgan exit. It’s also a nice touch how they put speed traps on the service road where the highway is closed. Cash grap you think?

  3. By Teresa Amorosa

    Finally, something about this! Every time I drive by that closed exit, I wonder what’s going on. Thanks for writing on it.

  4. By Greg Rajewski

    I find it oddly amusing that another “Greg” has raised the issue of Exit 41 remaining closed.

    I created a petition on the QC government website back in October 2011 to raise awareness about the prolonged closure which, in turn, garnered some local media attention. The petition achieved its purpose of sending notice to the MTQ and the Town of Ste Anne de Bellevue that the users of Exit 41 had grown weary of the deadlock between the municipal and provincial bodies over the cost of repairing the overpasses.

    Fast forward one year and, as you have pointed out, Greg, the exit remains closed. The Town is notoriously vague about developments with its talks with the MTQ and does not even have a page dedicated to this issue so as to keep its citizens and interested persons informed on the progress of work with the overpasses. Oddly enough, they have a page addressing construction work in and around Ste Anne ( ) but nowhere is there any mention of the Exit 41 closure. A Google search of the Town’s website provides no recent worthwhile news either: … The aforementioned Google search link provides hits for the town meeting minutes (procès-verbal) which make a passing reference to the overpasses (viaducs), but they are only because citizens have raised the issue at the public question period.

    As much as I understand this issue (which, sadly, is not alot in spite of my best efforts), the overpasses will be torn down and replaced by a “roundabout” (or traffic circle) much like what exists in Vaudreuil-Dorion where Avenue St Charles intersects with eastbound Highway 40 (see ). I obtained that information via a reporter with the West Island Gazette some months ago, but I haven’t seen that confirmed by information on the SAB website.

    As for Lisa’s January 3 comment about paving work going on around Exit 41, it turns out that this is intended for a detour of traffic from Highway 40 in that area that will begin in the spring as a result of repairs to the road surface. This has nothing to do with the overpasses themselves. More info at and on the SAB site at

    Indeed, “plus ça change, plus c’est pareil” … sigh

    Thanks for keeping the spotlight on this matter.

    Greg Rajewski
    Pincourt, QC

    • By Greg Duncan

      From one Greg to another,
      Thank you for your comments and input and let us all hope to see some real tangible progress on this issue soon.

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