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Ile Perrot

Is there a future for this prime location in Ile Perrot?

I’m really beginning to question whether what, if anything, may become of the massive building and empty lot that used to house a Toyota and Mazda dealership in Ile Perrot.

You know, the one for sale at the northeast corner of Don Quichotte and Grand Blvds? You can’t miss it. It’s been for sale since 2009. This building’s facade is growing uglier by the day and sits smack in the middle of town, at what is one of our busiest intersections. Surely this prime location could house some business and serve the thousands of potential clients in the area?

Have we now become a less attractive clientele compared with say, Vaudreuil-Dorion? Clearly there is more than meets the eye and I hope that this place will house something soon.

I don’t mean another 24-hour gas station/convenience store, either. We have enough of those already. Understandably there may be some zoning issues that can restrict exactly what kind of business could install there and likely there may be some transport authority and traffic issues due to its location too. But… all that traffic coming and going on a daily basis and no business has set up yet? It’s hardly believable from my perspective. Then again, with half of the entrances closed from Highway 20 into this town, anything is believable, I suppose.

Looking back, I can remember talk of a number of potentials. Rumors of a McDonald’s outlet coming to town flowed from salivating fast-food aficionados as early as 2008. Wendy’s came along to satiate. But in 2013 there is still no sign of the golden arches and maybe that’s a good thing. There are already plenty of places serving frites here, trust me, I know, and that’s for another blog.

We are managing some very tangible and positive growth in our area on the commercial and residential front and the merchants and retailers who have invested heavily here should be applauded. Just this past week we got exciting news of a new commercial arena for Notre Dame de l’Ile Perrot, too. However, this appears to have also rubbed some salt in a wound that continues to be highly visible just over in Pincourt. Coincidentally and sadly, it’s empty and graffitied shell sits on the same boulevard.

I have my wishes, and given the situation, what would you like to see happen to the location(s) and what business or businesses do you think should or could set up there?


  1. Not being familiar with Ile Perrot and least of all what types of businesses are in or close to the town, but I do see a few potentials, taking into consideration the structure of the building.

    First I see a dealership for motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, ski-doos and sea-doos. I also see a Bistro-lounge type of situation and I also see a Martia-Arts DoJo (school) or perhaps a workout center (gym). Well that’s my input for this blog.

    Cheers Greg!

    • By Greg Duncan

      Most likely a dealership for off-road type vehicles as you mentioned would fit right in as there are so many other vehicle dealerships in the area. The lot and building would accommodate that well for sure. Perhaps even an RV dealership. It seems we just lost a big boat dealership recently as I noticed that this building is now for sale and sits empty too.
      A new and modern fitness centre is a good idea too but we do already have at least one. Also, we already do have a martial arts place very nearby across the road. I’d like to see a large asian and/or “ethnic” food retailer go in there. Something like Kim Phat or Adonis. The place would need an extensive overhaul for that though. I also think that an electronics retailer would do well here.
      Keep the ideas coming and thanks for your input.

  2. Prime time spot for a breakfast joint/High End Dinner, and make the garage area indoor parking, or tear down the garage and leave it for open parking.

    Ile Perrot needs something fresh and new, Unfortunetly, it will end up being another dealer/car wash/haloween discount location.

  3. By Kathleen

    Well Greg, even though you did not respond to my comment about putting a Mc Donalds, someone has now cone to the same conclusion that there will be a Mc Donalds.

    • By Greg Duncan

      Not sure how I missed that Kathleen. Anyway, yes it appears that you are (were) right. Want fries with that, lol?

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