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RELIP survey is revealing

  • Coming to Ile Perrot?
    Coming to Ile Perrot?
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Ready your bathing suits folks, as apparently we like to swim. There is a population of 37,400 residing in the four municipalities of Ile Perrot and I wonder how many of you in Pincourt, Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Notre Dame de L’iLe Perrot or Ile Perrot itself actually know what the Régie des équipements de loisir de l’Île-Perrot or RELIP is? At a recent Friday night social gathering chez nous, I raised the topic of the RELIP for discussion and no one knew what I was talking about. Curious and concerning I think, given the amount of local media attention that has been garnered on the outfit and the potential for budget expenditures and possible future tax implications for all towns and citizens.

So I ask: Did you participate in a telephone survey conducted in the area last year between August 31 and September 10 by Leger Marketing that asked Ile Perrot residents from across the four municipalities what your priorities are in terms of sports and infrastructure? According to the survey results, the targeted 1000 local responses were indeed gathered and compiled. As a refresher, the raison d’être of the RELIP is essentially a partnership created between the towns to better serve islanders in the areas of sports and recreation and culture and community while respecting the ability of it’s citizens to financially support any “global” initiatives.

Like any initiative whereby towns come together to work on and cooperate on any variety of issues, there will be detractors and opposers and the RELIP has had its share of both. I won’t go into those in detail here for now, only to say that the results of the RELIP–Leger survey speak for themselves and I invite you to consult the document. Of note, 80 percent of respondents said that they would favor the construction of an indoor swimming pool. Other potential facilities such as an arena, cycle paths, and a multi-sport center were also clearly and strongly supported with the swimming pool garnering the highest percentage of support (82%) in terms of actual use of the facility. As a result, the four municipalities are currently considering the feasibility of a new sports facility. As a side note, the number of respondents per “ville” is included in the report if you want to know just how many participated in the survey in your town.

The results of the Survey can be viewed in entirety here:éduit.pdf

Let me know your initial reactions on the results of the survey and feel free to air your concerns here, if any.

Other notes of local interest:

Roadwork continues on the way down the hill on Don Quichotte Boulevard until May 31 as repairs to a retaining wall are completed. It looks to me that we may even gain an additional lane going north somehow that exits into or just before the RONA.

The Marché de la Gare Île-Perrot will be open as of May 29 on Wednesdays until the end of September. The market will be setting up at some new digs. No longer at its previous location at the train station, the outdoor market will now be in the parking lot of the Rose de Lima Church at 300, Perrot Boulevard. Participating vendors can be viewed here:




  1. By ian gray

    Surveys are interesting exercises. The questions asked can be extremely simplistic and hence the responses should be taken with a large grain of salt. If I were asked if I would like a large bowl of my favourite dessert….I would most likely say yes to that question. If that question were asked to 1000 people you might get an unusually high positive response as the question is asked with no conditions attached.
    If you now ask the same question but put a $50 price tag on that same dessert…the approval rate might be radically different…as people now have to assess their true desire relative to their means.
    The RELIP survey does not take that one step further to find out people’s tolerance to paying for the project and sadly the Directors of the RELIP will use the Leger survey to try and convince the population that a very large majority of the citizens of the island are ready to jump in the pool …so to speak. This is a marketing study that is only half complete in my opinion….

    • By Greg Duncan

      Agreed Ian, you have made a very good point. What would the support rate be if a price was identified along with the question? Let’s cut to the chase. Importantly, what would the impact be on the taxpayer for the building of any new sports and recreation facility? The record of success in some towns (an arena comes to mind) has been poor to say the least.

      • By ian gray

        The basic research that I have done seems to indicate that $20 million is not an unreasonable figure for a swimming complex as demonstrated by the new complex being built in Dorval and the new pool built in Pointe Claire. The complex in Kanata was originally estimated at over $40 million. Dorval was hoping to receive a subsidy of approx $5 million so for the sake of discussion that would bring the taxpayers contribution to $15 million. If the RELIP were to create a similar project for the island the citizens of Terrasse-Vaudreuil would be responsible to cover approx 5.3% of that debt over 20-25 years. or approx. $795,000. The tax impact on the average home in Terrasse would be approx. $75 annually for that period for just that one facility and not the other projects mentioned in the LEGER telephone survey. The idea of forming a REGIE moves the right of refusal of debt to the taxpayer up one level of government as we would have to petition the Minister of Municipal Affairs to have the basic right of referendum to decide our financial state. This has not been publically discussed and most certainly was never mentioned in that survey.

        • By Mbele Simba Oulou

          When the survey only covers 1000 inhabitants, it can`t be considered the will of the people. It is only an excuse for the 4 municipalities to apply Democracy as they see fit.

  2. By ian gray

    The citizens in Terrasse-Vaudreuil were surveyed in Summer 2012 and the resuts were very clear in a well worded question that the majority have a tolerance of approx $25 increase in the annual taxes for recreation projects based in our own territory.That is a statistic that should be considered by our council and Mayor……and one that seems to generate virtually no interest from the supporters of the RELIP in our administration.

  3. By Mbele Simba Oulou

    Most residents don`t even know about this blank cheque the survey provided to the municipalities. With this blank cheque they will now proceed to build an interior swimming pool no one wants, at a cost of about 15 million dollar that all residents will see added to their municipal tax bill. This is Democracy at work, or better still, once the elections are over, the elected officials don`t care about their population. You elected us? Suffer!

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