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St. Lazare

Did someone help you out during Monday’s storm?

Depending where you live, the superstorm known as Sandy was felt to varying degrees on Monday evening.

In St-Lazare, the high winds caused a number of power outages.

And it was there, in the darkness, that you could clearly see just how wonderful and effective is your network of friends and neighbours.

The first indication was that first phone call. That’s when you’re asked by a friend who just lost electricity: “Do you have power?”

I wasn’t home, so I didn’t know. But if I do have power, the friend’s son would like to come over so he could hook up to the Internet to finish some homework. No problem. I was on my way.

Then, I was told that someone else, who owns a house around the corner from the friend, was out of power. OK. He might need a generator to keep his sump pump going.

While working is the glow of a car’s headlights, the generator was fired up. That’s when you noticed someone walking through the yard carrying a flashlight – and an end of an extension chord. The neighbour plugged his sump pump into the generator, too. All is good.

When the neighbour gets his power back, he returns, again with one end of the extension chord. This time, he switches things around, offers to run his neighbour’s sump pump so we can shut off the generator.

It’s a comforting feeling when neighbours and friends come together so quickly and so easily.

Is there someone who came to your help on Monday evening? Share your story below.

Brenda O’Farrell

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