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When it comes to towns, size matters. Wouldn’t you agree?

When will politicians learn? When it comes to how a town is managed, bigger does not mean better. And it never – ever – means less expensive.

So it is curious why Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal would float the idea of merging the four municipalities of Île-Perrot. And especially now, when the Charbonneau commission continues to showcase testimony of how corruption has taken over the business of running the province’s biggest municipalities.

Even before the Charbonneau commission was created all evidence supports the rule of thumb that bigger is not better when it comes to running a town. Take the mega-merger fiasco on the island of Montreal as an example. Can anyone say services to residents were improved? Did anyone’s tax bill go down? In fact, it is not difficult to find people who would line up to tell you services got worse and tax bills have gone up.

So why  would Pincourt’s mayor want to mess with a good thing? His town has a budget surplus. Find a big town that can make a similar claim.

And then there are the residents. All the municipalities in Île-Perrot have seen significant population surges in the last decade. People are choosing to live there. These people are opting to settle in a little town. They had to make a choice and they chose a small town knowing full well the limits to services that come with it. It’s a formula that works.

If you are one of the people who have moved to a smaller Off-Island town, jump in here and add a comment. Why did you make the move?

Brenda O’Farrell


  1. By Robert Postuma

    Why would a beautiful litttle town like PIncourty wish to merge with another municipaity. Ideal town for living—financially operated at a profit, eventho it has no busness income to speak off.
    Lived there for 30 years—heaven.

  2. By Jane Guest

    the same for Senneville, at the Western tip of the island, another idyllic small village
    lived here for 35 years and am fighting hard as the Founder of a group called S.A.V.E. to keep it green and to keep development from encroaching on this last piece of green space on the island of Montreal
    Bigger just means more infrastructure costs, more pollution, more congestion and more trouble, all the things you hope to get away from when choosing a smaller municipality to live in and to raise your children.

  3. Being able to walk to the train station, small bilingual town with many services for its citizens contributed to our decision to buy a house in Pincourt. Would be a shame to upset the nice atmosphere is now provides.

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