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Will you be taking advantage of the extension of Highway 30?

With the opening of Highway 30 in Vaudreuil-Dorion, a lot of attention has been focused on what it means for the region. The completion of the so-called beltway that creates an east-west access route that bypasses the island of Montreal provides incredible economic opportunity.

In the Off Island region, the next aim will be to develop the area along the autoroute.

But what about you? Will you experience any benefit to having a new highway route in the region?

If you travel to Quebec City, certainly. Instead of crossing onto the island of Montreal and then taking a bridge or tunnel off the island en route to the eastern part of the province, you can directly link to Highway 20 on the other side of Montreal.

If you travel to the Valleyfield or the western South Shore – Chateauguay, Candiac, Delson – it will shave time off you trip.

I tried the new autoroute last weekend. Loved it. Even stopping at the toll plaza, which cost a little time, was OK. The fact that you have a more direct route is a huge improvement.

So here’s the question: Will you benefit from using the new highway?

Add your comments below.

Brenda O’Farrell


  1. By Harold Gill

    Travelling every day to and from Ile Perrot for the last 8 years along with the increased traffic and aggressive nature of other drivers has taken it’s toll on us all, so the opening of this bridge and highway 30 was well anticipated.

    My take over the last week (fingers crossed)., is a marked reduction in large trucks on 20. Along with it is a smoother transition over the Galipeau and through those cursed lights at Grand, and then again Don Quichotte. That’s my take and I only hope it is reality! Hg

  2. My Toronto relatives took it when they came to the Maritimes at Christmas. They were not impressed with the 20 minute toll wait on a Saturday afternoon. And they were well aware that it is more km than crossing Montreal.

    If I take it I’ll pass via Valleyfield. 10 street lights but you avoid the toll, is shorter and is Tim Hortens adjacent.

  3. By G. Le May

    Will not be using it as it is the western section of route 30. We live at the eastern end of route 30 but it appears we will have to wait for the extention here in Sorel-Tracy.

  4. Great highway, saves time going to Toronto from Sherbrooke. Why couldn’t the toll have been electronic? I don’t like the twenty minute wait for no reason. Two credit card lanes for $1.50? Come on.

  5. Great highway, we used it over the holidays. The long lines at the tolls were a pain! Why they didn’t install cameras and charge you for using the road the way hwy 407 in Toronto does is beyond me.
    Instead, they have to hire more government workers, build facilities for them, so they can collect your $1.50.
    Your ineficient tax dollars at work once more!

  6. By F Charron

    I tried the highway twice just vaudreuil to Valleyfield, if was new and smothe, but like everything in Quebec built to small for the number of cars on it. Booths really in toronto and on highway 25 they use cameras that take pictures of your plates and send you an invoice. instead here they have hired over paid employee to stop you causing traffic and hit you up for money, typical Quebec rip off the taxe payer and keep going. Yesterday the 4 of of January I drove it, with the wind and light snow it was lcy, snow covered not one piece of snow removal equiptment out, the car in front of me slide in to the snow bank. Yet the people in charge will makew excuses, the highway was built to the size of our envirnment impact study, (The study is 40 years old) then like in the death of the 32 year old woman on highway 30, the snow removal company which yes goes under the name of A30 express, are actually a division of Loiselle Construction that has experience clearing roads, will make excuses for the lack of snow removal. First of No snow banks should ever be left on any over pass period, it is an accident waiting to happen. This brings me to the both line the A30 extension is a great idea, but lets be realistic it is Quebec, will it be maintained? Will the snow removal company start doing there job correctly? Really toll booths with employee making $23 per hour? Come on.. Cameras, we have the technology…do the math on average 4 booths open during the day at average of $92 dollars just in base level emplyees, not including management, we will use just and 8 hour work day that come to $ 736 in employee salary, hun that is alot of cars to pass, plus you have management, lighting, so bottom line Quebec screws the tax payer yet again… The HWY 25 cameras, 407 Cameras, no staff, no extra fees,.. It is time for a complete overhaul in Quebec,.. So my view of HWY 30 it is great on a sunny day with perfect road conditions, great if you use it NOT durring rush hour, Great it traffic is moving, During rush hour, or in snow, wind or rain forget it… That is my rant of the day Thanks for reading…..

  7. My perspective is somewhat different…….I’m in Montreal. I will not be a user of Highway 30, but I am hoping that it really takes off and that here in the city we see a huge drop off in auto/truck traffic. For those in the sud-ouest borrough, sandwiched as we are between the 720 and the 15/20, this could mean a lot. For a variety of reasons (poor air quality, noise, general atmosphere) we look forward to a very successful operation for Highway 30. Fingers crossed.

  8. I took it for the first time Jan. 9th. Lo and behold, Quebec engineering and construction being true to itself. How incompetent are these people? Some parts of the 30 are ready for re-paving already. The joint on the bridges will cause you to lose your molars and the painted white lines are already disappearing over a couple of kilometers. Try driving that road at night during a storm. No reflective indicators either. Over forty years and here is the results of their incompetence. Welcome to la Belle Province yet again. Nothing is ever going to change in this province is it?

  9. By Karla Liebrandt

    I took the 30 today with my friend from St. Bruno all the way down to the 20, the 401 and into Ontario, (Lancaster, Alexandria, etc.) where we met friends of ours. We proceeded towards Vankleek Hill to visit more friends, then to the 417 east to the Quebec 40. We turned off at the 30 and went back all the way to St. Bruno! This trip took barely over 2 hours each way and it was amazing! No traffic, no waiting, no nothing! Terrific!

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