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St. Lazare

Is there much snow on your roof?

Driving through St-Lazare this week, I spotted a few homeowners up on their roofs shoveling off snow.

Have you thought about getting up there yet? Depending on the type of roof you have, how the wind blows, there’s a lot of snow up there.

If you opt to shovel your roof yourself, the experience offers a few benefits, namely an interesting perspective of your immediate surroundings. They guys I watched doing it earlier this week all sort of did it the same way: They shovel, take a break, look around, shovel some more, take a break, look around. They all seemed to be taking it slow and easy, and enjoying it.

I always like the fact that whenever I have gone up there with a shovel, people feel compelled to drive into the yard and talk. It’s an odd thing, but I guess it’s because you are so visible. But it does make for an uncomfortable dynamic, you being so high and the other person peering up at you, using their hands to shade their eyes from the sun. It makes for one of those uniquely Canadian, moments, though.

The other advantage is the view you get. When I stand at the top of my bungalow, right at the pinnacle of the roof, with the front yard on one side, the back yard on the other, you get a different take on the place you call home. It’s a nice feeling. It also makes me appreciate my snow-guy that much more. He does a great job in my yard.

Have you ever been up to shovel your roof? If you’re planning to and need a hand, drop me a line.

Brenda O’Farrell

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