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Hudson bakery will possibly close this week

Just when the small flame of Hudson’s commercial renewal seemed to burn a little brighter comes the news that one of its Main Road stores is closing.

It’s Aux Gourmandises de Hudson this time, the bakery and café on the corner of Main and Cameron, and to say its patrons were angry about it on Saturday is an understatement.

“Where can you go for a coffee now?” asked one. “This just didn’t have to happen,” said another.

Whatever the reason, the rumor is that Aux Gourmandises is headed over to Coteau-du-Lac where the Town is so happy to have a baker of such quality set up shop there, it’s bending over backward to entice the owners to leave Hudson.

What is the Town of Hudson doing about it? Well, it seems so far that they are letting it go.

I’m not sure the exact reasons behind Aux Gourmandises de Hudson becoming Aux Gourmandises de Somewhere Else, but it is probably attributable to the usual local culprits: high rents, increased taxes and a sense of being unsupported.

Whatever the reason, it won’t be pretty.

A big empty storefront at the crossroads of Hudson’s downtown core will be a blow. And how unfortunate that, just when the building that was formerly Leggs Department Store became full again and the merchants of Hudson seemed to be everywhere this Christmas with special events and enthusiasm, the business life of the town will have to endure another loss.

I can only hope something will happen to intervene and the bakery will be able to remain. But it will again take some interest from the Town—some indication that it wants to retain a valued business.

This is no time to stand back. With Hudson’s commercial fortunes shining just a little bit brighter recently, a big “a louer” sign at the corner of Main and Cameron would be an eyesore—and more.

It would be a setback, and at a very delicate moment in Hudson’s commercial recovery.

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  1. This shop will be sadly missed. Luckily Coteau is not far and we will continue to patronize the shop. Rumour has it that someone else is in the wings ready to take over. I wish them luck dealing with the owner of this building – apparently he is impossible. Remember, the town does not own the buildings in downtown Hudson. The blame should be put on owners who will not negotiate to keep their tenants.

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