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Abandoned Pincourt sports complex could get a buyer

The nine-year-old sports centre saga in Pincourt may be entering its final phase, as the town says it’s close to finding a buyer for its unfinished, and abandoned building

In a statement issued Monday, the town said it has conditionally accepted an offer by a consortium to buy the building and finish work on it, which includes adding another rink.

The $5.3-million recreation centre was supposed to be built in 2003, after a non-profit corporation decided to build an arena, and the town provided the land, at the corner of Fifth Ave., and Pincourt Blvd.

But the project was fraught with cost overruns, and work on the building stopped just a few months later. In the years that followed, the non-profit sports association declared bankruptcy, and then the contractor, the National Bank and other subcontractors sued the town as well as each other. In November 2009, the Quebec Superior Court ruled that the facility be sold at auction with proceeds going to those owed money.

But with no buyers for a full year, the town decided to purchase the land, and resell it, in hopes that a new party can complete the project. The town took possession of the building last February, and held a call for tenders at the end of June. It mandated a selection committee to evaluate the proposals. However, there was just one proposal submitted, and the town passed a resolution last week to accept the offer, conditional on a few modifications.

Town clerk Danielle Carbonneau said the town administration will negotiate the modifications with the consortium.

“This is the culmination of a long process,” Pincourt Mayor Yvan Cardinal said in a statement. “I hope to announce shortly that the completion of the sports complex is well under way.”

However, legal troubles around the sportsplex could dog Pincourt for several more years, as the town has appealed a judgment ordering it to pay $3 million to the project’s contractor, and to the National Bank of Canada, which helped finance the deal.
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  1. By Gaetan Brouillette

    Way to go M. Mayor of Pincourt, as a tax payer I am anxious to findout the total cost of our Big O. In Pincourt we cater to all sports except for those who like to just plain walk. We have bumpy sidewalks, roads with giant crevasses, and path ways regulary flooded. We spend 112,000.00$ to raise the soccer field in the recently reorganized Bellevue park at a cost of 560,000.00$. But for the pedestrian path, we use it as a drain for the park, excellent design. If your sport is walking for exercise, you can walk in the water or soon slip and slide on the ice. Not bad Mr, Cardinal, thank you for finally having had the decency to tell me that after five years, that you have no intention to correct this defieciency. We will therefore keep walking in the water.

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