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Ile Perrot

New valuation roll: properties up 19 per cent

Properties values increased 19 per cent on average in  Île Perrot, with an average home now evaluated at $245,712.

The figure represents estimates from the province’s unbiased evaluation office, which pegs the value of homes based on recent real estate transactions.

The new valuation roll, which will be in effect for the next three years, was an improvement on the last one where values only increased by 14. 5 per cent.

Because municipal property taxes are calculated based on a percentage of a person’s home, the valuation roll must be updated every three years to ensure residents are being fairly taxed. Higher values don’t necessarily mean a higher tax rate, since the town will often adjust its mill rate (or the amount it charges as a percentage of a homes value) to reflect the new roll.

However, if a home’s value has increased more than the average for the town, that owner can expect to see a tax increase, while if a home sees an increase that is lower than the average, that owner will get a tax break.

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