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N.D.I.P. boaters left without a ramp

With boaters hauling out for the season, residents of Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot are being told their watercraft aren’t welcome in neighbouring Pincourt.

It isn’t so much the boats that are problematic, but the cars and trailers, said Pincourt town clerk Danielle Carbonneau.

“We don’t charge people to use the ramp, like they do in other municipalities, so lots of people from outside the town have been coming to use it,” Carbonneau explained. “The problem is that we only have a small number of parking spaces.”

Carbonneau said the use of the boat ramp will continue to be free, but only for residents of the town, who must register at Town Hall.

She said the spot that is the most problematic is the ramp near Parc Bellerive.

In the monthly newsletter sent out to town residents, the council said it is working on building its own boat ramp that it hopes will be ready by the beginning of boating season next year.

“Having previously determined that we need access to the water in our own territory, we had already taken steps to construct a boat ramp for the convenience of our residents,” the newsletter read. “Environmental studies have been filed with the appropriate government departments and we will go ahead as soon as we get the necessary approvals.”
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