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Terrasse Vaudreuil to be back online soon

It has taken nine months, but Terrasse Vaudreuil’s website should be back up in the next few weeks.

A nasty computer virus wiped out the town’s site in January, and it has taken this long for the town to hire experts and get it rebuilt. In the meanwhile, a temporary site with only basic information was erected to replace the lost one.

“We lost everything,” said Ron Kelley, the town’s general manager and secretary/treasurer. “But we’re getting trained on the new site, and it should be up within two weeks.”

Kelley said the new site, which cost about $4,000 to build, will be more informative than the previous one, with information on waste collection days, and several town bylaws. People will also be able to to sign up and receive group emails, or alerts from the town.

Kelley said it has taken a long time to replace the site because the town’s administration is overrun.

“Some larger towns have whole departments dedicated to communications; here there are just four people in the office,” he said.

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