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Pincourt arena deal falls through

A deal between the town of Pincourt and a private consortium that would complete construction of an abandoned arena complex has fallen through.

The town’s selection committee, which is handling the project, failed to reach a agreement with the private group.

“The matter is not solved at this time,” said Pincourt town manager Michel Perrier on Tuesday. “We won’t be accepting a proposal at this time.”

He said that the offer wasn’t “quite in line” with what Pincourt had in mind.

“They were asking for more and more concessions, which we couldn’t do, and so they asked to bow out,” said councillor John Kinnear, referring to the consortium.

The plight of the abandoned sports complex has been an ongoing saga since 2003, when construction of the complex, at the corner of Pincourt Blvd. and Fifth Ave., first began. Construction was later put on hold when costs ran over budget and lawsuits ensued.

Pincourt has since appealed a judgment ordering it to pay $3 million to the project’s contractor and the National Bank, which had helped to finance the project. The non-profit sports corporation, which had originally initiated the project, has since declared bankruptcy.

In 2009, the Quebec Superior Court ordered the building be sold at auction. The town of Pincourt bought the land with the purpose of reselling it.

This past September a conditional offer to purchase the facility was accepted by the town from a consortium, which was to complete the project. But it now looks like the project has been benched once again.

Kinnear said the town will continue to pursue the project.

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