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Don Quichotte complaints fall on deaf ears: mayor

In the wintertime, navigating the southeastern portion of Don Quichotte Blvd. could be a risky proposition, say area residents.

“It’s definitely white-knuckle driving there,” said Elyse Turcotte who lives in the Pointe-au-Moulin area of Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot. “You often see cars that have left the road.”

Turcotte explained that portion of the road, which is the main route for people going in and out of town, is bordered by farmers’ fields on both sides, and during the winter, snow often blows onto the roadway, making it slick.

“It’s also difficult to see the lanes because of the snow, and the shoulder isn’t paved, so that’s even more slippery,” Turcotte said.

But getting trees planted to block the wind or the shoulder paved is a losing battle, the town’s mayor said.

At Tuesday evening’s council meeting, N.D.I.P. Mayor Marie-Claude Nichols said the town has no jurisdiction on the boulevard because it is deemed a provincial route. As such, Quebec’s transport ministry maintains it.

“We have asked them every year to plant trees,” Nichols said. “It’s really dangerous. We have at least three people who spin off the road every winter.”

Nichols said getting the shoulder paved is an even more difficult task, because the ministry has specific guidelines, with a minimum number of cars using a roadway before its shoulder is paved.

Turcotte asked Nichols if there’s anything residents can do to press the case for improvements to the artery with the province.

“I’m really not sure,” she responded. “It seems that nothing we do impresses them very much.”

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