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St. Lazare

  • St. Lazare is proposing to drop the speed limit in the town's village area from 50 to 40 km/hr.
    St. Lazare is proposing to drop the speed limit in the town's village area from 50 to 40 km/hr.
    Photo credit: Navneet Pall, The Gazette

Motorists in St-Lazare will be driving a little slower in the future.

The muncipal council is aiming to reduce posted speed limits on several streets by early next year, including dropping the top allowable speed on the town’s main street in the village area to 40 kilometres an hour from the current 50 km/h.

Mayor Robert Grimaudo says he couldn’t be happier that speed limits in St-Lazare are coming down.

“Speeding is a serious matter and a problem everywhere these days, not only in St-Lazare. I’m very glad we’re doing something about it.”

Grimaudo said his office has received numerous complaints about the issue.
“We receive phone calls about speeding all the time,” he said.

Strategies, like installing speed bumps and other traffic-calming measures, have not solved the problem, he said.

“Traffic-calming devices are good, but there are pros and cons,” Grimaudo explained. “They may have an effect on driving behaviours at first, but motorists then learn to bypass them, and the problem returns. Also, you have to be careful about what you put, and where, when it comes to speed bumps.”

The mayor said he hopes that reducing these speed limits will be effective in slowing traffic down, and that he would welcome even more measures to further reduce speeding and improve the safety of the town’s roads.

“I may be mistaken, but I believe that within the urban perimeter of St-Lazare there should be a set speed everywhere.”

“Speeding is a very serious issue,” he concluded. “We have to do what we can.”

According to the resolution adopted by council on Nov. 6, the speed limit will drop to 50 km/h from 70 km/h on Ste-Angélique Rd., between Versailles and the St-Charles Sts. The same reduction is proposed for St-Charles St., between Steeplechase and Versailles Sts., as well as on Fief Rd.

The current 80 km/hr speed limit on Poirier Rd. will be reduced to 50 km/hr, while on Duhamel St., between Ste-Angélique Rd. and Cité-des-Jeunes Blvd., a reduction from 50 to 40 km/hr is being proposed.

The stretch of Ste-Angélique Rd. that falls within St-Lazare’s village area (between Chevrier Rd. and Charles-Goulet St.) will be reduced from the current 50 to 40 km/hr.
The new speed limits will not be posted until they are approved by the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

“Once we adopt the bylaw and submit our proposed speed limit reductions, the MTQ then has 90 days to review our request,” said Geneviève Hamel, the town’s communications director. “So we’re looking at approximately March 2013 before drivers will see new speed limit signs.”

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  1. By Phil Nangreaves

    I Live on Duhamel just east of Ste-Angelique the 50 km/hr speed limit is not respected as it is so what good will it do to reduce it to 40 km/hr? Without police patrols, lowering the speed limit will do nothing except increase the amount of kilometers that drivers exceed the posted limit by.

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