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Ile Perrot

Île-Perrot municipalities find synergy

The four Île-Perrot municipalities have already started working together by forging an inter-municipal partnership in respect to sports, recreational, community and cultural projects.

The Régie des équipements en loisir de l’Île-Perrot, (RELIP), which combines the towns of Île-Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, Pincourt and Terrasse-Vaudreuil, was formed in 2012 to develop programs or projects.

“For example, when we talk about the swimming pool, it’s too expensive only for Pincourt to build alone,” said Mayor Yvan Cardinal.

He said that the RELIP may play a role in developing the unfinished sports complex in Pincourt. The abandoned arena has dogged the Pincourt council since construction on the sports facility came to an abrupt halt in 2003. Pincourt bought back the facility in 2009.

“This is something the citizens want and so we will ask the RELIP, consult with the other cities about that,” said Cardinal.

The most recent bid to revive the arena project was pulled when the potential investors and the evaluation committee representing Pincourt failed to come to a mutual agreement.

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