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Flying J to close, intersection to be redesigned

  • The Flying J - one of the first commercial establishments in this sector will close by the end of the year. the intersection where it sits will be renovated eventually.
    The Flying J - one of the first commercial establishments in this sector will close by the end of the year. the intersection where it sits will be renovated eventually.
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Although the head office won’t confirm it, the Flying J gas station in Vaudreuil-Dorion will close by the end of the year.

Employees were telling patrons of the impending closure last week. However, spokespeople for the U.S.-based chain said the company had no comments to make about that particular station.

“Flying J has no comment at this time,” said Cynthia Moxley from the communications firm Moxley Carmichael, which represents Flying J.

She wouldn’t say whether the company planned to move the station, but there are rumours a new Flying J station will be situated on Highway 30 in the area, which will act as a bypass for trucks who wish to avoid driving on the island of Montreal. Highway 30 is set to open Dec. 15.

The station, which was one of the first businesses to open in the area, has been a witness to the explosive growth of the city’s commercial sector.

As a result of that growth, the intersection where it is located: De la Gare St. at the corner of Cité des Jeunes Blvd., has become routinely clogged with congestion, making access to the station difficult for truckers, who are the main patrons of Flying J.

Several weeks ago, the city added a third lane on De la Gare for people to turn right onto Cité des Jeunes.

France Lavoie, a spokesperson for the city, said the intersection was supposed to be renovated by the province, but the city got tired of waiting.

And it could be at least a few months or even a few years before the province does its part of the project.

Claudia Goulet, a spokesperson for Transport Quebec confirmed the ministry intends to renovate that intersection, in a project that would also improve traffic along Henry Ford St., which leads to the city’s residential sector.

She said the project was still in its early stages.

Goulet said it’s too soon to say what the new intersection will look like, but one of the options being studied is a roundabout.

“There are also many factors we have to consider in this project, like the opening of Highway 30, and the location of the future hospital,” she said.

She added the closure of Flying J could also have an impact on the project.

Quebec’s health ministry has yet to finalize a spot for a future hospital, planned for the region, which has been promised for 2018. The ministry had pledged to announce the location by October.

As for what would replace the Flying J, that’s anyone’s guess, but the Da Giovanni restaurant located on the site seems likely to stay. The establishment signed a 10-year lease with the Flying J corporation this past October, which is due to be renewed after five years. Flying J continues to retain ownership of the land, according to Quebec’s land registry.
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  1. I’m glad to see positive change in the area. That intersection is a disaster with accidents waiting to happen between trucks and cars. It’s time the Flying J moved on to a better suitable location since it seems the there is difficulty finding an appropriate balance.

  2. By Frank Dontigny

    Oublier Flying-J ,un vrai TRUCK STOP devrait etre considerer comme un Truck Stop of America ,TA avec un vrai stationnement pour camion et non un stationnement boite a sardine (comme tout les Flying-J et les pilots) et oui pres de la nouvelle 30 & 20 va -ton ce reveiller un jour au Quebec .

  3. By Frank Dontigny

    Forget about Flyinj-J. A real truck stop should be considered like TRAVEL CENTER OF AMERICA ,(TA) or PETRO with a real parking spaces for trucks (not sardines parking spaces like Jlying-J and Pilots) and yes near 30 & 20 .Quebec need to get it together this is 2013 !! . I’ve been driving from Canada to the US since the beginning of the 70′ there is a need for truck parking in that area (Vaudreuil QC) thanks for considreing publishing my comment

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