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St. Lazare

St-Lazare fire station delayed until 2014

It will take a year longer than expected to complete construction of St-Lazare’s new municipal garage and fire station.

The fire station, which will be situated across the street and about 250 metres south of the municipal garage won’t be completed until 2014, town spokesperson Geneviève Hamel said.

The town bought the land for the station, but the company currently occupying that land, Urecon Ltd., has asked for a year’s extension because the site where it is planning to move in Coteau du Lac, won’t be ready in time.

Construction on Phase I of the new municipal garage has begun, next to the old municipal garage. When construction is completed next fall, Phase II will see the old building razed and an extension of the new building will be erected in its place.

When Phase I is complete, the town will have to temporarily accommodate all the staff from the fire department and public works until the rest of the project is completed.

“We’ll have to put in place trailers for a year to accommodate everyone,” Hamel said.
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