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Tiny tax increase in Hudson

Taxes will increase by 1.89 per cent in the town of Hudson, after council passed the 2013 budget in a meeting on Monday night.

The council was able to reduce expenses and make some difficult choice to keep taxes low, explained Louis Thifault, the councillor for District 4. Thifault cautioned, however, that some sectors have seen large increases in their property valuations, and those sectors will pay more than the average tax increase. Some sectors, where values didn’t increase as much, will actually see their tax bills decrease.

“Overall, I’m very satisfied with the budget,” he said. “In the last four budgets, we have been able to make a lot of cuts in spending.”

“The council worked hard to handle the expenses that we can control,” said Diane Piacente, a councillor for District 5. “A lot of expenses we can’t control, like the SQ and the AMT, and they keep increasing every year.”

She said the increase is around the same rate as inflation, and so she’s pleased.

Despite all the cuts, there will be a few places where the town will be able to increase its spending.

“I was happy the council agreed to continue our commitment to meet environmental goal,” Piacente said.

She said there  will be more money diverted to a town composting program, and to raising awareness about recycling.

A list of projected expenses and revenue can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Hudson budget summary
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