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Ile Perrot

Île Perrot taxes up 2.8 per cent

Residents of the town of Île Perrot will see an average increase of 2.8 per cent on their tax bills in 2013.

The town passed its $16.9 million budget last year with a 3.5 per cent spending increase over the previous year. Among the biggest increases were for urban development, and for general administration. Public security, which is essentially the contribution the town pays for provincial police service, increased by 8.8 per cent. The town has no control over the latter charge, since police services are billed by the province based on a town’s overall property evaluations.

The mill rate for the town is 2013 is $0.776 for every $100 of a home’s assessed value. But increases will vary greatly, as a new valuation role was implemented for 2013, and can now be consulted on the town’s website. To figure out your tax bill, take your home’s value, divide it by 100, and multiply it by the mill rate.

Additional charges of $708 are added to each bill for water, sewage, garbage collection and for a reserve fund.

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