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Nurse looking to give to needy families

As a pediatric nurse and mother, Stacy Baker gets a lot of offers from other parents to donate their used baby gates and monitors.

And while she has collected a few, she would like to find families from the area who are in need.

So far, the Vaudreuil-Dorion resident hasn’t had much luck.

“I have a lot of people who are willing to give me this stuff, it’s just about finding the families,” Baker said. “It has actually been quite difficult to find the families.”

That’s not to say there aren’t families in need in the region.

Several groups like l’Actuel volunteer centre, the CLSC, churches and other groups offer services to underprivileged families. However, they seem to focus on basic needs, like diapers and baby formula, rather than baby gates, smoke detectors and other devices.

“Gates are a big expense, so are smoke detectors, and baby monitors,” Baker said. “But there are a lot of other things, and it all adds up.”

Baker also has devices to child-proof cabinets and drawers, hockey helmets, bicycle helmets, life jackets, and child car seats.

She said she hopes she can prevent a serious incident, saying she has heard too many stories in the news of people dying in fires because they didn’t have smoke detectors.

While she knows she can donate the items to a thrift store, which would then be sold for minimal amounts, Baker said she prefers to give them away, because that way she knows they are going to families in need.

At l’Actuel, the volunteer group’s general store, on Adèle St. in Vaudreuil-Dorion, occasionally receives baby gates, but those are sold almost as quickly as they come in, with the money going to needy families, explained store manager Julie Guilbault.

Baker also has a business, called Wee Workshops, which provides first-aid instruction to parents. She said she would also like to organize similar workshops that she would provide for free to families in need.

Baker is asking needy families, community groups or anyone who knows of someone in need to contact her by email at:
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  1. Has she tried contacting women’s shelters? They might have people looking for items that will help them restart their family’s lives in comfort and safety.

  2. By Laura Montreuil

    Hey Stacey! Let me know if you need extra storage space… I have some room in my basement I can spare ;-) PM me on FB.

    Thanks Jason Madger for your time and attention to the things that matter!


  3. Ha! This is just to promote her business, i had to use rent money to go pick up baby gates; baby got mobile quick within a week.i contacted her via email and got no response! Poor mothers do not like to beg and as happy as i was reading the article it is sadly a lie to promote her wee workshop classes. This is annoymous name because i do not need the world to know i am struggling.

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