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Streets to be renamed in March

What used to be André Chartrand Avenue will have three different names come March.

Because the street is broken up twice: by Cité des Jeunes Blvd., and by train tracks, the town has decided to rename the different portions of the street so that emergency workers can easily find where they have to go. It is one of three streets renamed at Monday night’s council meeting, following recommendations by the city’s toponymy committee.

New street names in Vaudreuil-Dorion by

Starting March 1, the portion of André Chartrand from Elmer Lach St. to Cité des Jeunes Blvd. will be renamed Émile Bouchard St. The portion on the south side of the Quinchien river until the train tracks will be renamed Des Nénuphars St. The portion of the street south of the tracks will continue to be called André Chartrand.

The tiny street called De La Rivière will be named for the street to which it is attached: Dahlias. The addresses of 88, 92, 96 and 100 De La Rivière will be changed to 2860, 2864, 2868 and 2872 Dahlias.

The small street of Des Muguets, situated just off Des Floralies St. will be called Des Asters St.

The city says it will reimburse homeowners the expense of informing necessary parties of their new addresses.


  1. Logically, it makes sense to rename the three sections since the city has scrapped any plans to connect the entire blvd…but…why leave the name andre-chartrand on the section with under 50 homes but change the name of the section with HUNDREDS of addresses (where all adresses are in buildings with 6 or more units)…wouldn’t it make more sense to rename the least populated sections to avoid a logistics nightmare in terms of canadapost and the hassle of each resident having to make address changes with all government bodies and service providers?!!

  2. “Because the street is broken up twice: by De la Gare Blvd., and by train tracks…” Would that be Cite-des-Jeunes and not de la Gare! Lucky you had a map to go by, too bad you didn’t look at it before you wrote the article. And I agree with lisa79, why not leave the populated area section that has hundreds of houses and condo units as well as a school with the original name and change the less populated areas. But then again in a couple of years I see them going ahead with the joining of the streets and renaming it all over again!

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