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Hudson-Oka ice bridge is open

  • A file shot of the Ice Bridge from Feb, 2009
    A file shot of the Ice Bridge from Feb, 2009
    Photo credit: Graham Hughes/ The Gazette

The ice bridge from Hudson to Oka is open.

After a year of warmer weather forced the bridge to stay closed, the bridge reopened last Sunday. The minimum thickness of the ice is about 16 inches.

The bridge uses the same path along the Lake of Two Mountains that is used by the ferries in spring, summer and fall.

The ice must be at least a foot thick for vehicles to pass safely.

The ice bridge, a favourite of families who want to experience the thrill of driving on ice, usually opens in mid-January and closes in mid-March. About 250 to 300 vehicles a day use the ice bridge.

The cost of crossing is $6.

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