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Resident wants city to rename lost street

  • This screen shot from Google Maps shows Impasse Rousseau, where the small dirt road meets Rousseau St.
    This screen shot from Google Maps shows Impasse Rousseau, where the small dirt road meets Rousseau St.
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it was annoying when pizza delivery people couldn’t find him, but when an ambulance driver had to call back André St-Onge because he couldn’t find his house, he decided to act.

“It’s a lucky thing it wasn’t so serious; if I was on the floor, they would never have found us,” St-Onge said.

The Vaudreuil-Dorion resident lives on a private road, which isn’t paved, and looks more like a driveway than a city street coming off Rousseau St. in the southeast section of the city, across the Outaouais river from the town of Pincourt.

St-Onge owns the road, which has four houses on it, but the city has jurisdiction over its name. Several months ago, the city renamed the street, on a recommendation from its toponymy commission to Impasse Rousseau, from Ruelle Rousseau. The street was among several that were renamed recently in order to make it easier for emergency services to find their way.

St-Onge said renaming his street hasn’t helped.

“They call it Impasse Rousseau now, but Rousseau itself is a dead-end street, so it sounds like it’s the same street,” St-Onge said.

He asked the city to give the road a different name altogether.

“They can put it in my name, since I own the road, but they can really name it anything. I don’t care,” St-Onge said. “We are four residents here. There are old widows and people who are frail. It could become a real problem.”

St-Onge said the street can’t be found on Google Maps, nor on many GPS programs. The street is listed on MapQuest, as well as the city’s official map, but it’s still difficult to find.

“When I order a pizza, the guy never finds us,” he said. “I ordered furniture and they didn’t find us, and even when we called police because we had a problem, when someone was blocking the street, they never found it. I’m fed up.”

St-Onge said he sent a registered letter to the city asking them to change the name of the street, and then register that street with the province so it can be found on maps. If the city fails to do so, he said he’ll take the city to court.

Vaudreuil-Dorion Mayor Guy Pilon said the city will check with emergency responders to see if it’s really a problem. If so, the city will consider changing the name of the street.

“I don’t really care if the pizza guy can’t find his way, but it’s very important for us that firefighters and ambulances know where it is,” Pilon said.
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  1. Mr. St-Onge … Make a road sign ..Rue St-Onge … see its on both sides.. Post it at your driveway… take picture post it to Google. If the town papers you … respond with a letter ….holding them liable… should the fire department or 911 fail to find you, it will be on their heads !!

    Vaudreuil-Dorion Mayor Guy Pilon ..A little respect for this long term tax payer…….. Im sure he ask’d the town to do something….. Impasse Rousseau is a poor option, this should be clearly be … .Rue St-Onge or Impasse St-Onge giving it clear distinction from Rousseau…….This is a deadly error ….Action !!

    Note: It is VIP you post this to Google..!! Il be looking for your street !!

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