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Three robberies in one day

Three homes were broken into in one day within close proximity to each other last week in Pincourt.

During the day last Wednesday, a home on Des Pommetiers St., another on Suroît St., and a home on Des Genévriers St. were broken into, said Sûreté du Québec Sgt. Ingrid Asselin.

These were the third, fourth and fifth reported break-ins for both the town and the entire eastern sector of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region since the beginning of the year. The others were on nearby Forest Ave.

Asselin said police believe the Wednesday robberies were linked, since there was a similar method used in each.

“I can’t say much about the details of each break-in, but I can say they caused a lot of damage each time,” Asselin said.

She added the thieves often strike during the day, and towards the end of the week. They often take money and jewelry.

Despite the one-day total, Asselin said there hasn’t been a significant increase in break-ins in the region.

She recommends people not leave signs that they’re not home, like leaving a garbage bin out for several days after collection has taken place.

She said anyone should call police if they see a car parked in a neighbour’s house that they’re not used to seeing, or someone who is parking for a long time outside a home. She said any suspicious activity should be reported.

“People shouldn’t hesitate to contact us, and then we’ll check it out,” she said. “We prefer to be on the safe side, and check things out, than have to react after the fact.”
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  1. this is crazy! and for them to say to call the police on anyone who u havent seen befor is really crazy. see i shovel walkways and have been pulled over so many times from people thinking i was up to no good! all it does is make my night longer by stoping and giving my papers and them checking everything and telling me why i as stopped and bla bla bla. so if you are going to call the police just make sure they are not people working and that they are in fact up to no good. thank you

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