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Residents give green light to indoor pool on Île Perrot

  • Claude Robillard Pool in Montreal: Terrasse residents are worried a new indoor pool will mean a huge tax hike.
    Claude Robillard Pool in Montreal: Terrasse residents are worried a new indoor pool will mean a huge tax hike.
    Photo credit: Natasha Fillion / The Gazette

The plan to build a new indoor pool on Île Perrot has just passed its first hurdle – support from residents.

“We haven’t started anything yet on the project,” said Éric Leclerc, a spokesperson for the town of Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot. “But at least we know it’s the priority of the citizens of all four municipalities. So that’s an important first step.”

On Thursday, the towns on the island released the results of a survey conducted by Léger Marketing. The poll found an indoor pool to be the top preference – with 80 per cent of island residents saying they would be in favour of having one built. That was the same level of support for an arena. However, more people said they would use a pool: 82 per cent compared with 66 per cent for an arena. Residents also asked for more bicycle paths, at a rate of 79 per cent , with 81 per cent of residents  saying they would use them. An indoor sports facility was  favoured by 77 per cent of residents, with 72 per cent saying they would use it.

The survey was among the first orders of business for the newly created Régie des équipements en loisir de l’île Perrot. The next step is to issue a call for tenders for a feasibility study on the pool. Each town will choose a spot on its territory, and the study will compare the benefits of each location. Marie-Claude Nichols, the mayor of N.D.I.P. said she expects the call for tenders for a feasibility study to be issued at the next public meeting of the RELIP on April 8.

“It’s clear a pool would make a lot of sense for the region,” said Pincourt’s General Manager Michel Perrier.

“I think this would be a wise decision,” Perrier said, adding that nearby pools in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Vaudreuil-Dorion are now overwhelmed both with patrons and with operating costs, and could soon restrict residents from outside their territory.

Perrier said it makes sense for the RELIP to build and manage a pool because the high operating costs would make it unfeasible for any one town on the island to take on the task.

“That’s the main reason the RELIP was put on the map,” he said. “You put the forces of all four towns together, you have enough people and financial backbone to entertain such a project.”

He said he expects a decision on the pool to be taken by the end of the year.
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  1. with only 1 entrance to the island for ile perrot (not counting Island Blvd, and 5th ave, thats pincourt) this only spells disaster for the roads.

    I would like to see Don Quixote have the massive grass median removed, and replaced with a thinner one like on highway 40. this will allow for a third lane to be added in both directions.

    Without modifying the infrastructure, the new Arena and Pool will spell disaster for the main artery running straight through the city. Look at the traffic the soccer field causes already. this Blvd needs to be 3 lanes both ways up until Rue St Joseph. without it, nobody will want to use facilities.

  2. This is great news !! Cant wait ..its something the town has needed for years years, lets hope there is a gym too.. As for the routing in Ile Perrot.. it has always been a issue and we work with it !!

  3. One should always follow the money to see who benefits…

    The mayors seem to forget that there is an arena the is rodding away in Pincourt – they should heed lessons from that disaster before launching into this vote grab. Why yes, vote grab as municipal elections will soon be upon us.

    There are pools in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Vaudreuil-Dorion as well as smaller municipal pools. The logic of “overwhelmed both with patrons and with operating costs” rather eludes me. Would this pool not also suffer from “operating costs”?

    And who would pay for all this? Taxpayers of course. Maybe the mayors should focus on the poor roads, reducing taxes (by reducing operating costs) instead of these projects geared towards re-election.

  4. “Residents give green light to indoor pool on Île Perrot”… Somehow the title seem misleading.

    I’d really like to know what questions were asked in the survey.
    There is a difference between “would you use an indoor pool if one were built” and “are you ready to see taxes vastly increase so that the city can built a pool”… I’m sure the answers would be vastly different.

  5. This is great news. Do you know how many of the Aqua Fitness (Tues and Thurs) afternoon class that presently go to JAC are from this island, please make sure you offer Aqua Fitness I can tell youyou’ll have full classes.
    Since this is a completely new project, please also consider Diving boards and proper depth for them. You have some National Level divers and swimmers here.
    Can’t wait to use the pool, this is wonderful news.

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