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Off-Island a gold mine for photo radar fines

  • In the first three months, Off-Island speeders were sent 1,872 tickets for speeding.
    In the first three months, Off-Island speeders were sent 1,872 tickets for speeding.
    Photo credit: Navneet Pall/ The Gazette

Don’t be fooled.

Those photo radar signs on both sides of the Île aux Tourtes Bridge are no hoax – and they could cost you a lot of money.

Installed on Aug. 31 to help improve safety in the construction zone at the western tip of the bridge, there is but one photo radar camera. However, it is mobile, so it can be facing either the eastbound or westbound direction at any given time. That’s why there are orange signs with the picture of a camera in each direction of the highway.

The Île aux Tourtes Bridge has been a pretty lucrative venture for the province with 1,872 speeders caught in the three-month period between Aug. 31 and Nov. 30.

That’s 20.6 speeding tickets per day. At a conservative estimate of $200 per ticket, that represents a windfall of $374,400.

Transport Québec spokesperson Sarah Bensadoun said the photo radar was installed as part of new measures to help improve safety at problematic work sites or school zones.

The photo radar camera will remain in place until the project is completed, Bensadoun said.

She warned that fines for speeding in construction zones have recently doubled.
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  1. By Peter Aglaganian

    The ONLY motive for this is $$$. They are a bunch of crooks with the law on their side !
    They are introducing this gradually so that the public will accept it and in a few years they will be EVERYWHERE !
    This should be UNACCEPTABLE !

    • You sound like a sour pot who got busted.

      I doubt that is the only reason for installing them, what about construction worker safety? Just recently in Vaudreuil area, a pylon truck was struck by a speeding motorist and there were injuries. Speed kills.

      However I do think that the speed limit of 80km should be removed during the weekend or when the workers are not present.

    • You seem to think you’re entitled to speed.
      Pro-tip: You aren’t.

      I’ve sped too, but I’ve never actually deluded myself into thinking I wasn’t doing something I shouldn’t.

    • By Mbele Simba Oulou

      Don`t want to get tickets? Respect speed limits. No one is forcing you to contribute your hard earned funds to the Province. Only you make that decision. No speeding, no tickets. By the way, you should see the cameras in London. Everywhere!

    • It’s astounding to me how many people are okay with this. I would agree with you that this is a cash cow. 80 km/h speed limits on a construction zone where fines are doubled? No one ever working there and under construction for years? Sounds like a trap to me. And by the way Speed doesnt kill, speed differential does. Every time I see a cop pulling someone over on the side of a highway I cringe at the danger they are causing.

  2. I don’t think this is really a money trap.

    I drive this section multiple times every day, and every day I slow down to 80 km/h, and every single day I’m passed by -everyone- else.

    If this were just a money trap, the camera could likely be catching everyone that was going, say 10km/h or more above the speed limit, and there would be hundreds (if not thousands) of people getting tickets every. single. day.
    Could probably pay the cost of the construction on its own.

  3. Many speed camera studies show an increase in accidents (due to sudden braking and unpredictable behavior) where the cameras are installed.

    Revenue generation under the guise of public safety, at the expense of public safety… somewhat ironic.

  4. The photo radar are definately a way to generate money. Whenever there is construction in Montreal, I notice that the traffic is backed up for miles behind. On the Champlain bridge I see the photo radar trap but I do not see any construction in that direction. I did find it dangerous the first time I moved here. People were going 90 to 100 km/h then suddendly slowed to 65. I also don’t understand the speed limit on a highway like that to be less than a 90 km/h. I find it to be a tax on people that are vacationing or are just unaware. I does nothing to stop speeders. They slow down for that section then the keep right on speeding. I like to see the stats on how much less accidents there are in the sections they put the photo radars up. I would be surprised if they went down.

  5. We have seen time and time again the money cash cow cameras increasing as cities (and provinces) have pressure to make up shortfalls. The fuel tax is not enough, provincial taxes are not enough, each and every day we are faced with tax increases, and new taxes……. the camera systems are no different they are just another way to get “taxes” from the everyday driver. In Calgary and Edmonton they have already implemented speed on red and speed on green programs is Quebec next? I hope not

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