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Condo, office high-rises slated for downtown

  • The area's downtown will have high condo towers, and medical offices.
    The area's downtown will have high condo towers, and medical offices.
    Photo credit: Dario Ayala/ The Gazette

If you think Vaudreuil’s centre is built up now, just wait a few years.

The next phase of development for the growing city is to add density to what will become the city’s downtown core with condo and commercial high-rises slated to be built near the train station. About 2,000 new residential units will be added to the area, the city has said.

“It will be high density,” said Guy Pilon, the mayor of Vaudreuil Dorion. “That has been planned for many years.”

The city has zoned commercial and condo towers of up to 12 storeys in the area near the train station on the block of De La Gare Blvd., and also on part of Boileau St. near the train station and the Multi-Sports centre.

It’s part of a plan by the Montreal Metropolitan Region to concentrate development around transit hubs, known as a transit-oriented development.

“The idea is to be able to walk around the area as much as possible,” explained city spokesperson France Lavoie.

She said plans call for condo and commercial towers with small service-type businesses on the ground floor like convenience stores or book stores, not like the big box stores that already pervade the area.

But the plans to densify may raise the ire of local residents who have already complained to the city about traffic.

Pilon said there are plans to add another turning lane at the intersection of Cité des Jeunes Blvd. and De La Gare. The province has also promised to build a new overpass where St-Charles Ave. crosses the Trans-Canada Highway to double its width. Though St-Charles Ave. itself won’t be widened.

The new development won’t be all commercial and residential. Starting next year, the area will get an ambulatory care clinic run by the area’s CLSC, which will have family doctors and specialists. Other doctors and health care professionals will likely set up practices in the area.

A hospital promised for 2018 could also be built nearby, and there are hopes of building a CEGEP in the core as well.

Pilon said while the city’s master plan has called for high density in the area, the use of the land could change as the city’s needs evolve.

“We have made some changes already, because Cité des Jeunes (east of St-Charles Ave.) used to be zoned for trucking companies and other types of businesses that made noise, so we adjusted it because of all the homes that are nearby.”

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  1. By Nora Hague

    The existing Future high rise already causes interference to the McGill weather radar station in St. Anne de Bellevue. I’m sure McGill will be overjoyed to see a forest of high rises blocking the radar horizon.

  2. By paul broomfield

    Super. And with no “train de l’ouest” in site, there will be much more traffic on the 20. Keep voting Liberal and enjoy the traffic.

  3. Um Paul, Where have you been the last few month, I hate to be the one to break the news to ya buddy but the Liberals arn’t in power anymore…it’s the PQ. But I do applaud you on the worse argument ever!

  4. I remember when crossing the ile aux tourtes meant having space, fresh air , greenery etc. now it will be as pleasent and beautiful as arriving in brossard…….hooray.

  5. The real question is if the development of all of the services in Vaudreuil is sustainable and if they have factored in the cost to maintain, replace, and rebuild everything over time, taking into consideration the tax revenue. I love the city but do not want taxes to spiral out of control as they add new services to handle the increase in population.

  6. who cares about the weather station.. how about a Metro station close to a hospital that this area desperately needs…and oh no,,, where will the new Costco be built !

  7. And are they going to increase parking for the train station. And are they going to charge for parking as they are now thinking of doing in Laval?

  8. By John Davis

    Before more condos/houses are built, the infrastructure has to be improved. The only decent roads in Vaudreuil are the ones built for new businesses. The existing access roads are a disgrace, both in their lack of maintenance and ability to handle the ever increasing amount of traffic. The re-modeled main exit off the west bound 40 doesn’t work.Why wasn’t it widened at the exit to accomodate 2 lanes of traffic ?? What’s going to happen to the traffic on St.Charles south which desperately needs repaving??

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