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St. Charles overpass at Highway 40 to be widened

  • Quebec will widen the St. Charles Ave. overpass to alleviate traffic backlog.
    Quebec will widen the St. Charles Ave. overpass to alleviate traffic backlog.
    Photo credit: Jason Tang, The Gazette

When the kids go back to school, there will be new construction headaches to contend with in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

But Quebec’s transport department promises detours will be kept to a minimum as it begins construction on work to widen the St-Charles Ave. overpass in late summer or early fall – the second phase of a three-year project to improve traffic flow in the area.

The work is expected to overlap construction on the western extremity of the Îleaux-Tourtes Bridge, so just when one construction zone ends, another will begin.

Last year, the intersection of Exit 35 at St-Charles was renovated and repaved, and the capacity of storm sewers was increased on the north side of the highway.

Starting as early as September, Transport Quebec will build a new overpass over Highway 40, just to the east of the existing structure.

Despite the fact there is a new structure being built over the highway, Transport Quebec spokeswoman Claudia Goulet said no major road closures or detours have been foreseen.

“If there are any detours, it will be minor,” she said.

She added Transports Québec hasn’t gone to tender yet, so details about how traffic

will be managed during the construction are not yet available.

Next year, the existing structure will be torn down and replaced, and when work is completed, there will be a new four-lane structure replacing the current two-lane overpass.

The transport department will then rip up the pavement at the St-Charles/Cité des Jeunes Blvd. intersection, just south of the highway. There will also be new lighting installed, and the capacity of the storm sewers will be augmented.

Goulet said this year’s work is starting late because the transport department has had to co-ordinate various construction sites at the same time, and since no major detours are expected on this work site, it can begin later. Twitter: OffIslandNews


  1. What about the overpass in ste annes? Shouldn’t that be a priority for traffic headaches in the region before widening this one? Priorities always upside down in this province.

    • Driving a few KM past the original exit is not a big deal, try living in a town where none of the existing infrastructure is adequite enough then we can talk.

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