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Piacente bows out of municipal council race

  • "It's wise for me to take a breather," said Diane Piacente
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Diane Piacente is withdrawing her name from the ballot for a council seat in Hudson in the Nov. 3 municipal election.

Piacente, who was named interim mayor after the resignation of former mayor Michael Elliott in June, announced Tuesday evening that she has decided to drop her plan to seek another term for the District 5 seat.

“I will not be running for a council seat,” Piacente said, reading a prepared statement at the council’s last public meeting on Oct. 1.

After the meeting, she explained the decision to withdraw her candidacy stemmed from the “negative political climate” that has emerged during the early stages of the campaign, and not from the stresses that have come with leading council through the last three months as the town has been submitted to three separate investigations, including the high-profile probe by UPAC, the province’s permanent anti-corruption squad.

“I don’t like the political climate right now,” she said. “It’s wise for me to take a breather.”

When asked who she would vote for in the mayoral race, a contest she had previously considered entering, she was at first hesitant to respond. Then asked if she would vote for mayoralty candidate Jacques Bourgeois, she was quick to respond: “Absolutely not!”

Asked if she would vote for mayoral hopeful, Ed Provost, her answer was less animated.

“Maybe,” she said. “Just a maybe.”

“I am still hoping others will come forward,” she explained.

As she read her prepared statement during the public meeting, she urged residents who believe they had something to offer to put forward their candidacy, reminding them that it was not too late. All candidates have until Oct. 4 at 4:30 p.m. to register with Le Directeur général des élections du Québec.

Hudson needs to reinvent itself, Piacente said. “Hudson has never adapted to change,” she said. The new administration and the next council must create relationships with other towns.

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