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Close race in Terrasse-Vaudreuil

In Terrasse-Vaudreuil, every vote counted in close races for the mayoralty and all six council seats.

Former councillor Michel Bourdeau defeated incumbent mayor Manon Trudel by just 33 votes.

Michel Bourdeau (Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 360 – Elected
Manon Trudel (incumbent, L´Équipe Trudel): 327
Marlène Lapointe: 118

Council seat 1:
Roger D´Antonio (Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 420 – Elected
Jean-Marc Nault: 342

Council seat 2:
Julien Leclerc (L´Équipe Trudel): 414 – Elected
Penny Boulianne (incumbent, Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 381

Council seat 3:
Jean-Pierre Brazeau (incumbent, Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 423 – Elected
Louise Leclair (L´Équipe Trudel): 373

Council seat 4:
David Beauregard-Paquin (Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 401 – Elected
Yves Brassard (L´Équipe Trudel): 396

Council seat 5:
Guy Jodoin (Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 410 – Elected
Anissa Benomar (L´Équipe Trudel): 382

Council seat 6:
Yves de Repentigny (L´Équipe Trudel): 420 – Elected
Valerie Kirkman (incumbent, Équipe Michel Bourdeau): 376

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