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Highway 40 east closed at Hudson exit

The eastbound lanes of Highway 40 are closed at exit 22 near Hudson after an accident on Monday afternoon.

First responders are on the scene, where traffic is completely stopped.

Early on Monday morning, a truck driver was seriously injured in an accident in the westbound lanes of Highway 30, just south of Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Two trucks collided during snowy conditions at around 8 a.m., leaving the driver of one truck with serious injuries.

Traffic remains slow on Highway 30 near Les Cèdres.


  1. The link that brought me to this story said: “Snow blamed for accident.” Snow does not cause accidents, otherwise every single car would crash as soon as it started snowing. People’s poor driving skills are to blame for accidents. If someone “loses control” of their car, they should be sent for some pretty strict remedial driving courses.

  2. By Nora Hague

    Agreed. The weather is the weather, and nothing can be done about conditions. It’s the drivers that are the problem. A rudimentary knowledge of momentum, friction, and general physics will dictate the safe distance at which to follow a vehicle. The only thing that makes me really nervous is a tail-gater on snowy roads. Most of these multi-vehicle “accidents” are either caused or aggravated by following too closely, and are thus not accidental: they’re preventable.

    • By Chico Grenier

      It boggles the mind that the media still blame the weather for road accidents.
      If you don’t have the control of your vehicle at all times, stay OFF THE ROAD!
      I’ve been driving for more than fifty years; here’s a tip to stay alive behind the wheel:
      Got to have control of the vehicle and always know what’s going on around your vehicle!

  3. Yeah sure but, where are the cops when there’s some brainiac doing 140 kph 6 inches off your rear bumper in the left lane. They will ticket you for 112 kph at 10.30am or after midnight when you’re the only vehicle for 6 miles but Heaven forbid they teach some manners to the road warriors.

  4. By IwasThere

    Actually this had nothing to do with a slippery road and everything to do with random white-outs due to blowing snow. I was on the highway at the time of the accident (mid-afternoon, well past the time of the storm) and driving conditions were great 95% of the time. But every once in a while the blowing snow was blinding and drivers could not see the road at all.

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